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Is cinema an old fashioned way of spending your time?

Autor /DenoZomma Dodano /27.11.2005

Cinema has always been a good place to go to. Whenever we're bored or we just want to go on a date it is a great place. If you don't like to talk it is also a great place because you just watch the movie and you don't have to think about your make-up or hair because it's dark and nobody can see you. That is why I adore the cinema, though some people say it's rather boring. Some say they like the theater better since it looks very real. Some say they don't like to waste 2 hours, or so, just sitting and eating popcorn. Everybody is different. My parents think the cinema is an old fashioned way of spending time because now we can watch a movie at home as many times as we want to watch it. But think about it. Where is the butter flavoured popcorn at home? Where is the good atmosphere? Where is the darkness or the laughter of the audience? Sure, you can make popcorn and the good atmosphere at home. But doesn't it just cost less, if you go to the cinema? That is my personal opinion but some say that watching a movie is not about going all fancy but about JUST WATCHING IT. That's true but then again, I'll give you another situation. You are with your boyfriend and you aren't getting along with the conversation. He asks you to go to the cinema next time and you don't have to talk then. After the movie there is so many things to discuss. For example, was the movie good, could you follow it well, which character you liked the most, etc. THAT IS WHY CINEMA ROCKS AND IF YOU DON'T LIKE MY OPINION YOU CAN JUST DIE. No, No. I'm Joking. Anyway, I've got to go. Bye All!

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