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Hyde Park Speakers

Autor /Adalbert Dodano /11.11.2011

It is good to visit Hyde Park on a Sunday morning. Here I am again at Speakers' Corner,happy to see thet everything is just as usual.

On my right I can see a man in a long white coat.He is standing on a box and singing.It is a pity I can't hear the words.I am trying hard but I am too far away.

On my left a little lady,rather like Queen Victoria,is telling her listeners(three little boys and a dog) to be good and love their fellow men.

Right in front of me about thirty people,young and old,are listening to a little man with a big head just like an egg.Wait a minute:I think I know him.Yes,it is our old friend Mr.Pimkins.And he is speaking about spelling reform,of course.

No changes at Speakers' Corner,as you see,listeners.Everything just as usual.

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