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How people can spend New Years Eve, how would I like to spend it?

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

The New Years Eve is in night between thirty first of December of old year and first of January new year. There are many ways to spend New Years Eve. For Example there is a carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. In France there is a big party under the Eiffel Tower. Most of people go abroad from their country or to local party in their home city. Some of the people stay in home with the family or go for a party to their friends place. Some people sleep this event over, watch TV or read book.

This coming New Years Eve will be very special. We will experience the turn of the century - twenty and twenty first. We will also experience a end of millennium. There will be prepared some special fireworks, parties and concerts for that occasion. Many people will go abroad to east or to tropical countries like USA, Canada, Canary Islands or to Cyprus. Or they will do some other think which they don’t do during usual New Years Eve.

I would like to go abroad. The cause is that I spend New Years Eve every time in home.

I would like to go for example to Cyprus, or to my aunt in Canada. It will be something special.

But if I will stay in home I would like to go for some party or to some concert.

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