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History of sled dogs sports

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

In 1907 in a little town in Alaska - Nome was founded "Nome Kennel Club". In 1908 this club organized the first giant competition of sled dogs. Then came into existence sled dogs sport. The route of "All Alaska Sweepstakes" (as this race is called) led from Front Street in Nome, through Seward peninsula to Candle. Distance amounted to 408 miles. It was a real test for the people and dogs. Accordiny to Scotty Alan`s diary the route led from See of Ice to high mountains through rivers, tundra, wood, glaciers, even Old Death Valley where a murderous wind always blew. In these races took part harnesses which every day worked at transport.

In 1910 the harness of Siberian Husky broke a record of time in race "All Alaska Sweepstakes" - 74 hours, 14 minutes and 37 second.

In winter 1925 broke out in Nome an epidemic of diphteria. People needed serum, which was necessary to be transported from Nenana. Conditions of climate were terrible: temperature reached below -50oC, blizzard (snowy storm) blew very strongly. On a journey set off 20 mushers with 160 dogs. The transport lasted only 5 days. First in Nome stood Kasson`s team. His leader - Balto deserved a monument in 1926 in New York`s Central Park.

The races of sled dogs take place in Poland too. Especially interesting is European Championship in Arłamów. This competition is organized by European Sleddog Racing Association (ESDRA).

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