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Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

The article is supposed to warn the society that the weather is getting worse, which cause is air pollution that pours greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to produce global warming that can alter weather patterns. Climate experts debate contensiously how to prevent severe changes to the world's weather. Climatologists asses that worldwide governments should start planning immediately to adapt to the new extremes of weather that their citizens will face. Building in potential flood plains in the north as well as water conservation measures in the south are recommended to be banned. In the north there's going to be much wetter weather, when in the south much drier conditions.

That means extensive flooding in the north, while parts of the agriculturally productive south will turn into near-desert. For example, as far as the Alps are concerned, it will be much less water held on mountains in the form of snow and instead will run off to feed devastating flash floods. Glaciers will melt and tundra will vanish. The level of the Mediterranean Sea will rise half a meter in the upcoming 50 years, wiping out whole species of bird and sea life but also making some areas flooded. Global temperatures are claimed to rise by as much as 6 degrees. In the end, all those changes will simply lead to the new political geography of Continent. But of course the most adverse effects will be in poor, rural areas.

The influx of African refugees will cause many different diseases, which will be more readily spread during frequent floods. There is an argument that short-term global warming could actually lead to long-term cooling. But few scientists believe such a scenario is likely to take place, even a century from now. Some other question the fact of accuracy of predictions, which have been in fact taken for only a relatively short period of time and may be skewed by such factors as urban expansion.

In my mind, not many people pay attention to the case of the world's weather but on the other hand I think that everyone has already noticed that lately our weather started to be really erratic what supposedly means something.

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