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Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

Everyone has friends, better or worse but still friends. In my speech I’ll try to prove you that friendship is the most important thing in our live and that it is very easy to find a friend.

I have many classmates and colleagues, but only one true friend. His name

Is Tom and we have been knowing each other for 6 years. I remember when 2 years ago we had a row. It was horrible. Firstly I thought ‘Oh, I can do whatever I want, I can see whomever I choose - cool’, but later nothing could take away my blues. He came to me next day and since then everything has been OK.

Tom is just the best fellow on all over the world. I can talk to him about everything and everyone and he always has time for me.

Nevertheless, If you have a friend, you should return him the same.

Friendship is not unilateral. It is relationship that needs interaction and you should remember about it.

You can find your friend in the pub, tram or at school, but the most often place where we make new acquaintances is the first one.

I have been going to the “Long” pub every week for 2 years and I have met there many nice and interesting people (especially from the fifteenth secondary school). Maybe the reason of this phenomenon is that everyone is a little bit drunken there ‘cause alcohol makes people more talkative.

The other place where you can meet your friend is The Internet. I have been surfing through it for two months and I think it’s marvellous.

I have pen friends in Japan, France, USA and Brazil and I write to them regularly and still look forward to hearings from them. Furthermore there is also “Chat”.

It is a net of channels, in which everyone can talk to each other.

To sum up, I wish you as wonderful friends as I have.

Remember, either shy or selfish people may find a friend. It’s up only to their desire. If you found such person you would be as good for her as he is for you.

In other case you will be very disappointed.

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