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Football fans in Poland

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

Football fans in Poland. 16-Mar-99

1. The problem in brief.

The purpose of this report is to show the current situation on Polish stadiums. You can hear about it on television. There is no peace any more. Everywhere you can see young people hunting each other because of the clubs. It seems sick and probably it is. Old persons are afraid of such a situation so they always try to avoid them. Every time when a match is held there is a risk that you might end up in a hospital or even worse.

2. The

The second problem is the fact that the police have no idea how to oppose riots and violence efficiently. They also have big problems with finding these criminals. It seems they have tried everything but nothing seems to get solution. And you can notice an other interesting thing. They are just afraid of drunk and incalcuable fans, with dangerous weapons like for example knifes, hoes, empty bottles and sometimes guns.

3. Harmless town?

Because you are in-group, police can hurt you as well. You are not safe on the stadium even you are sitting far away from the most aggressive fans. You aren't also save on the street in bus or in train. Lastly during the last six matches in Poland, 46 trains and 145 buses have been vandalised. 12 of the most aggressive fans have been killed and 55 injured. Also there were 8 innocent people badly injured, because they were on the wrong place wrong time. That's makes Poland the most dangerous country and Polish fans one of the most incalculable.

4. "The monkey Planet".

This the way the Swedish newspaper called Poland during the Champions League match.

And there is nothing queer in it. Polish fans are drunk, aggressive, dangerous and well organised. They seem to have better weapons then police and more ideas how to use they. Lots of them look dangerous because they are well built.


I think everyone realises the dangerous on polish stadiums. It is a big problem, which gives our country a bad name in Europe. We have to do something with it. Firstly, there is no alcohol, for these young people. And we have to learn how to comply this law. Secondly, police should work out a system of catching criminals. And the law should be stricter for these people. Thirdly, there must be more cameras on stadions, watching the current situation during the match. Fewer speeches more punishment.

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