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Famous Person - Jack Nicholson

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

Jack Joseph Nicholson is the most famous actor in entire world. Why is he so well known all over the world? Many people ask themselves about it. Jack does not have as bushy hair as Brad Pitt, is not as cute as Leonardo Di Caprio, does not have body as Arnold Schwarzenegger. He can not fly on the motorbike as weel as Pierce Brosnan he even can not use gun as smoothly as Antonio Banderas. But he has got something in his look, that makes you sit on the chair without motion in the cinema, when he acts.

Jack was born on 22nd April 1937 in Neptune in state of New Yersey, USA. The his name was not Jack but John. His childhood was not fairy like. His father had run away, before John was born. He grew up in his grandparents house, in consciousness that his grandmother is his mother and his real mum, he thought was hie elder sister. The truth came out when reporter of "Time" was making article about Jack and he found out that information. Aat the age of 17 Jack went on holiday to sunny California. He wanted to return to his family town and start to learn at college. But he never managed to do it. Soon Jack began learning at Act School and he joined Players Ring Theater. But he did not like theater. Luckily for Jack, Roger Corman noticed him and in year 1958 engaged him in film "The Cry Baby Killer". Later Jack played in films category B, which were never seen in Poland, for example: "Too Soon To Love" or "Wild Ride".

The breakthrough came in 1969 when he played with denis Hopper and Henry Fonda in "Unconstrained Horseman". He played there inveterate lawyer and for that part he got in 1970 his first nomination to American Film Academy Award. Five years later he got a Golden Globe and an Oscar for the best male play in Milos Forman film. Jack's career started to grow with each day. He denied to play in Francis Ford Coppola film "Godfather", but he cooperated with Roman Polański in "Chinatown". The atmosphere between Polański and Nicholson was friendly but not for a long time. Polański also took part as an actor in "Chinatown". Polański felt so much in his role, that when he was "fighting" with Jack he hurt him, when Roman cut Jack's nose with sharo knife. But this incident just influenced on their friendship beside Jack got an Oscar for the best male play in "Chinatown".

Jack played with most famous actress like Jessica Lange (he played her unbalanced lover), Michelle pfeiffer, Jennifer Lopez, Susan Sarandon, Cher, Kim Basinger and Helen Hunt. Films like: "Batman", "Postman Always Rings Twice", "Blood And Wine", "Wolf", "Tender Words" mostly became famous because of Jack's stunning act. He won 4 Oscars and 11 times he was nominated to this Award. Beside this he has 5 Golden Globes statues in his collection. Jack is such good actor, because as he says in each film role he gives 85% of himself!

Film is his huge hobby. He loves what he is doing. His huge success Jack owes to his work and patience. He does not complain about his life, he says that complaining may cause cancer. His attributes are black glasses and bright smile always on his face. Jack says that smile is his most characteristic thing and he thanks God that smile does not make him grow fat. Nicholson is one of the most famous people, who is not afraid of paparazzi. He even says that he likes them. He understands that they are just doing their work. What about other hobbies? He loves good Italian food, golf, skiing and relax with family in his residence in Aspen in Colorado. Family is very important to Jack. He has 2 daughters- Jennifer (now she is 35) with his first wife Sandra Knight, and second lovely child Raymond (8 years old) with Rebecca Broussard. Jack has been divorced sine 1996 but he is planning to get marry soon tihe Rebecca Broussard. He wants to relax and spend his life with family, which he neglected for film.

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