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Factors, that are important for me in my choice of a job

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

I haven't been working yet, so I can only imagine which factors will be the most important for me. First of all, I will seek a big company, that creates stimulating and demanding, but also friendly work environment which encourages its professional staff to do as much and as well as possible.

The company should not have very complicated company structure, that everyone knows what he is responsible for and to whom he reports. I would also enjoy a high degree of freedom in deciding how to complete my tasks and duties. Such freedom requires a high degree of competence, initiative and responsibility. That would allow me to improve my skills and leadership qualities.

What is strictly connected with these factors is the salary. I belong to the group of people that have to be motivated by some financial targets. I'd love to do my best for long hours, but I will expect a good pay for that. But money isn't the most important for me. I'll also appreciate if the company cares for my children (if I had them), by providing a crčche or a kindergarten and if I have many opportunities to develop. For example by taking part in training programs paid by the company.

In conclusion, the factors mentioned above seem to me to be the most important today. The excellent job should be challenging, require responsibility and provide good working conditions.

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