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Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

In general declaration of human rights every human being has got a right to existance. But has he a right to die?

What exactly euthanasia is? In the light of law it's priviliged assassination of terminally ill people under the pressure of mercy. It's carried out legally only in Netherlands, but noone exactly knows how big is the range of this phenomenon. Before it can be performed lawfuly a patient must go throw 16 steps and two doctors must agree that he's prepareded and ready for unnatural death. Famous dr. Kevorkian said during one of his court cases that "Euthanasia is just another kind of medical service"

Many of us has got animal, pets that we are attached to, they are very important to us. And when our favourite are endangerrred we always want to help them. When they are very old we don't let them die in enormous pain., we ask veterinary surgeon to shorten their sufferings by putting them into eternal sleep. And here arises a question: is it an animal euthanasia? I think no, cause we can't compare life of a pet to life of human life.

Catholic patients, who belive in life after death, can face a moral, religous dilemma for the sake of euthanasia. They treat life as ahe highest value, as a gift from God. He gave it and only he can take it away. It's said that Catholics should sacrifice their suffering to any other person. But one of polish psychologists, who supports the idea of legalisation of killing in hospitals in Poland, said that: "Euthanasia is a medicine canon, which is even older than Chirstianity".

Some doctors justify themselves that by helping their patients to commit suicide they want to ease their suffering, when their organism starts to become immune to painkillers. But in fact human organism can also become immune to pain. Throw simple experiment I can prove that I'm right.

In Holland right to die becomes a duty to die. In last year 11000 patients passed away unware of what the doctors had done to them. What about their feelings? What about feeling of the patients family? Maybe this phisician needed the bed for someone else? Maybe the patient was living too long? This i one of the advantage of legalising euthanasia. Such behaviour of doctors can lead to situation in which old people will be afraid of going to GP, because noone knows if they will come back alive.

In my opinion family has got very important influence on life of every terminally ill patient. By visiting they show that he is loved, he's needed. Sick person must feel accepted, and persons, who are closest to her heart should take care of her, should talk with her. I heard about a women from United States, she' s got loving hubsband and two children. Family just as usual, but only on the first sight. This woman is dying of cancer. She decided to perform euthanasia. She said she is prepared for passing away. This woman has courage to die but her family doesn't have courage to stop her. And this is very sad, because close could dissuade her from commiting suicide.

In conclusion I'd like to say that I don't approve euthanasia. I belive that God gave life to each of us and only he can take it away. Noone can play God by helping to commit or commiting suicide. It's an interference in our nature. I think that goverments can'legalize euthanasia cause consequences can be destructive.

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