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England - Sport and more

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

Football in England is a national sport and magnanimity recreation. England possesses one off the best league in Europe styled Premiersip. There are clubs off largest towns and some smaller. Clubs are represented not only by footballers off England, but also from Scotland, Wales, Germany, Italy and from Africa and South America. The best clubs are Manchester United, Chelsea London, Liverpool, Arsenal London and Newcastle. Liverpool possessed the best young player in the whole league. His name is Michael Owen. His talent upon once first elicited during the World Championships in France '98 when he guyed of all defenders. On the stadiums came many people wishful good football match. In London is located reputed stadium Wembley, whereupon are played matches of the representation of England. Polish representation dislikes this stadium, because playing in there is very difficult. However football isn't solely sport in England, many people like sometimes play cricket or rugby.

Englishmen, like people from the other countries, in free time listen to music. History of music began in 1957 year when birthing repute groupe The Beatles. Primely at the time young boys performed in clubs, dance saloon and labour club-room in Liverpool and in Hamburg. Members groupe that: John Lennon - rhythmical guitar, harmonica, organ and piano, Paul McCartney - bass guitar, piano, organ, guitar, George Harrison - solo guitar, and Ringo Starr - percussion. The largest pushier were songs: "Yesterday" , "Love Me Do", "Please, Please Me". Musicians ecstasized auditors freshness melodies, different styles inter alia rock and roll and European ballad. Their popularity commuted in worship. Up to present day wasn't better groupe than the Beatles. Other renowned groups are inter alia: The Rolling Stones, whom up to present-day play and so sheerly middling, although they've yet their years so still they've idols all over the world; The Animals; The Kings (1964-1972). Today England ecstasize group girls styled Spice Girls. They're popular not only on the islands, but either in the other countries. This groupe play pop music, which is most liked by young people.

Stonehenge, one off largest megalitic structures built within of late neolithic and early epochs bronze (about 1800-1400 B.C..), about 13 km to the north of Salisbury, in southernly England. Centre megalit constitutes stone altar ranked inside horseshoes constructions 5 trills, compound off blocs at lengths 9 m and tonnage about 50 tone and 19 smaller rocks. Encloses her circle 50 stones, skirted outside circle constructed off 30 huge rocks at altitudes about 4 m, top transverse blocs. Whole surrounds trough and wall earthen at diameters about 115 m, wherewith connects walkway orientate on the axis rising sun within summerly equinoxes. We might thing, that Stonehenge has been built as stead worship Welkins (Suns and Moon).

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