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England - Sculpture

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

Medieval monuments, English sculpture have distinct stigma continent influences. Native character showed barely in 13th and 14th century in cathedral sculpture in Lincoln, Exeter and Wells. Mediaeval, bronze tombs there are in Westminister Abbey. Monuments from 16th century are largely pops of Italian artist, from 17th century German and Naderlandic. First, most considerable, English sculptor is Nicolas Stone, creator of portals in Oxford, Grinling gibbons is creator of statues Charles 1st and Jacob 2nd. In 18th century artist employed small sculptures. In 19th century came to the fore portrait-painters: E.H. Baily (creator column Nelson on Trafalgar Square) and sir Francis Chantrey. Expressionism trend was equally small assumes as in sculpture as in English painting.

Agriculture and neat culture enacted past developments manufacture main soil in economical living England, although percentage took up with that off year per annum falls. Once soil concerned 72,6%, browses 10%, and forests 5% surface of country. By many different cases agriculture in England in present time is very lithely developed. Climate of country, overmuch wet, at cold and sunless years and possessive relations very negatively affected on the agriculture growth, that too national productions wasn't surmounts requirements. More unfurled is only south and southeastward part of England. Big weight in sustenance nation barring breedings neat has too fishing marine.

Biggest wealth in England are seam, and particulary pit coal, whose reserves threateningly in soon time exhaustlessness. On the second place is iron, occurring on the whole near by coal, however his productions isn't surmounts whole national consumption. On the next places are salt , tin copper, wolfram, plumb, zinc, graphite.

In connection with richness seams industry explicated up to big volumes. Large weight in English industry has worsted industry, which bunches most of all in Yorkshire, in a while Lancashire is main centre cottony industry. Littler weight has metal industry and connected with ere construction ships and machines. On the background stands dermal industry, vitreous, porcelain, ceramic, chemical, paper, woody, brewer and weed.

London is a wonderful place to be ! It has great museums with priceless exhibits, old markets, clean green parks and the best shops and night clubs in Europe. There is something for everyone.

London is situated on the River Thames about 40 miles from sea. It was founded by the Romans in A.D. 43 and became a succesful and important city. After 1066 William the Conquer constructed one of the most famous landmarks of the city - the Tower of London. In 1500 it had a population of about 50,000 and was much bigger than the original medieval boundaries. Sheakespeare's theatre was built within this new area of London.

Now London has around 7 milion people living in and around it. It is a financial and cultural centre but it is probably most famous for being the home of the British monarchy. You can see the changing of the Guards everyday outside the Buckingham Palace.

London also has some of the world's best departament stores including Harrods. But the most visited place is the British Museum with exhibits from all over the world. In the evening you can go to one of many theatres and see one of many musicals. Situated near the Baker Street tube station, these attractions one two of the most popular that London has to offer. Madame Tussaud first arrived in the capitals in 1802 cristocrats and ever since her wax models have been pulling in the crowds. The exhibitions are split into several sections in which visitors can see replicas of the famous and the infamous from both past and present. Models include: politicians like Margaret Thatcher and Lenin, pop stars like the Beatles and royalty like Prince Charles and Lady Di.

London is one of the most interesting cities in Europe. During holidays many tourists from all over the world come to London.

The places tourist always want to visit are the Houses of Parliament and the famous clock "BIG BEN". Very close to the Houses of Parliament is Westminister Abbey where many kings and queens, poets and other outstanding persons are buried. Tower Bridge and the Tower of London are also worth seeing, as well as one of the biggest cathedral in the world - St. Paul's Cathedral. Buckingham Palace where the Queen and her family live is also a great attraction for visitors.

There are many museums in London, one of the most interesting is the Museum of Madame Tussaud where you can see wax figures of politicians, film stars, kings and queens and other damous people. Tourists also visit the British Museum and the Tate Gallery. They also go to Picadily Circus with it's Eros statue and Trafalgar Square with it's Column of Nelson and to Hyde Park, Oxford Street and Soho. There are many other places to see in London, so it is imposible to see everything in one day or even one week.

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