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England - Painting

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

The Oldest painting monuments kept from 7th century second term development this painting happened in 12th century originate than famous illustrations psalters English - norman school. With mural painting keep are all the way to fire in 1834 year very interesting fresco in Westminister, keep altar pictures with Hiob legend ( about 1400 year), characteristic for style by tours carpeting character and profusion gold. Gothic, English stained glass windows, characterize subtlety with seeting colours, origined in diffrent epochs; most of all in cathedral in York. In Gothic epoch miniature painting blossmed in cloisters.

The 15th century didn't left in England considerable monuments. Renaissance epoch present work of art Holbein. In 17th century blossmed parteaiting painting; 1632 year Charles 1st brought to England A. van Dyck, for this king made Rubens decoration works. About 1750 year appeared famous portrait-painters: Sir Joshua Reynolds, Th. Gainsborough and little late G. Romney. High bloom water-colour painting achieved in 1850 year to foundation "Society of Painters in Watercolours", Landscaping painting present: G.Morland, J.Constable J.W.Turner, genre painting whereas. D. Wilkie, Under the influence of Ruskin founded in 1848 year " Praerafalite Brohterhood " with artists how Hunt, Millais, D.G. Rossetti. Praerafaliats made a big whatever in English painting. New trends 20th century together with expressionism found in England feeble sound.

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