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Area: 130 420 km2

Population: 48,5 m.

Capital: London

Government: returns 529 members to Parliament; a mixture of 2-tierand unitary local authorities, with 36 countries, six metropolian countries, and 27 unitary authorities.

Head of State: Queen Elizabeth II Mother

Head of Government: Tony Blare

Religion: Christian, with the Church of England as the established church, 31.500.000; and various Protestant groups, of which the largest is Methodist 1.400.000; Roman Catholic about 5.000.000; Muslim 900.000; Jewish 410.000; Sikh 175.000; Hindu 140.000.

Major Towns: Birmingham, Cambridge, Coventry, Leeds, Leicester, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Oxford, Sheffield, York; ports Bristol, Dover, Felixstowe, Harwich, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Southampton.

Currency: pound sterling.

Major industrion: while, bunches, vitreous, porcelain, ceramic, chemical, paper, woody, beer and weed.

Major river: Thames River, Sewern River.

Highest peak: Cross Fell - 893m. above the sea level

Nationality: People from all over the world.

Official Language: English.

History in facts:

400-200 BC.- British Isles conquered by the Celts.

55-54 BC.- Romans led by Julius Caesar raided Britain.

AD. 43-60 - Romans conquered England and Wales, which formed the province of Britannia; Picts stopped them penetrating further N.

5th-7th centuries - After Romans withdrew, Anglo-Saxons overran most of Engalnd and formed kingdoms, including Wessex, Northumbria, and Mercia.

5th-6th centuries - British Isles converted to Christianity.

829 - King Egbert of Wessex accepted as overlord of all England.

1066 - Normans led by William 1st defeated Anglo-Saxons at Battle of Hastings and conquered England.

1215 - King John of England forced to sign Magna Carta, which placed limits on royal powers.

1265 - Simon de Montfort summoned the first English parliament in which the towns were represented.

1455-85 - Wars of the Rosses: House of York and House of Lancaster disputed the English throne.

1536-43 - Acts of Union united Wales with England, with one law, one parliament, and one official language.

1607 - First succesful English colony in Virginiamarked start of three centuries of overseas expansion.

1707 - Act of Union between England and Scotland created United Kingdom of Great Britain, governed by a single parliament.

1760-1850 - Industrial Revolution: Britain becamethe first industrial nation in the world.

1775-83 - Britain lost 13 American colonies; empire continued to expand in Canada, India, and Australia.

1793-1815 - England at war with revolutionary France.

1800 - Act of Union created United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, governed by a single parliament.

1914-18 - United Kingdom played a leading part in World War I

1939-45 - United Kingdom played a leading part in World War II

History : ranges was entanglement in 6th -4th century B.C. by Celts tribes - Geals, Cymbrs, Britts. Since 1st century B.C. started up get to there Romans, which occupation progress from 1st century up to about 410 year. When Romans Empire downfall lands conquers by Anglo-Saxon. From 793 year began raids Viking and Danes, whom took northeastern and eastwardly part of England. In 10th century sovereigns Wesseks abided states on the island, created scapes anglo-saxon states. In 1066 year. King Harold 2nd perished on the battle of Hastings, and his suppressor, Duke of Normandy Willhelm, styled thenceforward Willhelm 1st Winner, he has been lord of these lands and posited Normands' dynasty. He organized useful national administrations and rammed feudal system.

In years 1154-1485 to throne seat Plantagenets' dynasty. One of charter member that dynasty, king John without Land, billed in 1215 year Great Card of Freedoms - Magna Charta Libertatum, document, which became the scape of english system, restrictively control royally in favour of powerful people, attributively statutes the other state and gave guarantee of civils right. In 16th century federated Wales with England. Territorial contentions with France to disadvantage resolved centennial war (1337 - 1453).

Upon many wars at throne, in year 1558 queen of England became Elizabeth 1st. That has been the golden century as well in economy like and in culture England. In year 1707 followed formally association England and Wales with Scotland in United Kingdom. Upon the end 18th century started in England industrial revolution. In connection with invented vaporizer machine in the beginning of 19th century began quickly progress industry, which put steads dominantly up to here agricultures. Time dominations Queen Victoria (1837-1901) that term was the most expansions colonial. In first years of 20th century the United Kingdom was richest country on the whole world.


England is the largest and the most important region, possesing the center of government and administration in London. It's south - east part (the so called Chalk Country, is called "the meadow of England" because of beautiful gardens, flowers, orchards and fertile fields. The Midlands are more industrialed. The so called Black Coutry within Stoke-on Trent, Birmingham and Nottingham abounds with coal, iron ore and granite.

Climate in England is very characteristical. In England is soft marine climate. For the whole year the sky is clouded, sometimes the sun was shines.

In winter in England it is not so cold like in Poland. Winter in there is warm. In winter temperature vary from three to seven degree. When in Poland we have snow in England it is raining. In England freqvently occur a phenomenon so-called fog. It's very characteristic for England. In summer temperature vary from ten to seventeen degree. In the other climate is by far warmly. Greatest yearly sum of rainfall performs in England mountain and amount to 3000 mililiters. Typical climate in England it follows that this is island. Warm Bay Current brings with us from sea a warm and rainy weather. Very negatively affected on the weather in England.

England in plurality pieces is terrain lowland, surround by Atlantic Ocean and by North Sea. Of overland parts of Europe sequestrates them Channel La Manche. Shoreline is well unfurled, there are many bays and estuaries. Largest top is located in northwestward mountains and amount to - 893 metre named (CROSS FEEL).

Disasters :

England is country situated, where disasters are very rarely. Most important dangerous disaster is flood, who demolished whole possession, areas , abridge farmers food and reserves on the winter-tide. Water flowed with very large current may demolish even large construction. Thereby, that England surrounded is by seas and massy sum rainfall often engenders rising waters levels.

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