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England - Architecture

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

The oldest, small anyway monuments of architecture in England are of Roman origin; was it buildings public usefulness. Very much small are also monuments beforeromanesque of epoch. From 10th and 11th century date little, stone churchs, and also slendel, round towers, pointed endings. In 12th century began domination of Gothic style, which in England devided an three terms:

Early English, early gothic to 1300 year, with cathedral in Canterbury, Rincoln, Wells, Salisbury;

Decorated Style, dated to 1400 year, with fan-shaped, reticular vaultings ( Westminister Abbey, cathedral in York, Lichfield, Exeter, chapter hall in Wells );

Perpendicular Style, with perpendicular sticking ( laic buildings how Geuldhall in London, university buildings in Oxfort and Cambridge. Renaissance didn't oust properly Gothic form in English architecture. Tudor's style (to about 1500 year) keep Gothic construction, seize also superficialy surely motifs of renaissance. Barely Inigo Jones beside end 14th century introduced classical forms in Paladin character. Near by this two, main trends unwinded middle-class Queen Anne Style, to which in 19th century linked Norman Shaw.

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