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Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

It was a normal day nearly five months ago.On 1 st April a new shop was opened by our local presiden . We went there to see this new, big and beautiful shoppingcentre . It was called 'New World'. We saw thousands of people walking there . They were looking for good prices and watching these new beautiful shops . You could buy there everything you wanted , but most of things were very expensive , so when we finisched our tour in the shop , me and my friends went to the supermarket . Because there was great supermarket too.

There were a lot of things on the shelves. It was really unbelievable . I stood with my mounth oppened . I hadn't seen so much food ever before and everything was so pretty . Chocolate land and a small purple house with many kinds of cupcakes . Fruit cut in diffrent shapes , a big piramid from labsters and a manager of the shop in black suit .But that was only first floor , there were a lot of others , with toys , clothes , things for home and so one . It looked so picturesque that I couldn't see anything around me . Suddenly when I was standing and standing somebody said very loudly -excuse me !!!!!!

I turned around so fast that the glass bottle fell down , but not only one there was next and next . One of them destroyed fancy-cake and one heard manager . I was onlyscreaming and shivering when I heard only : bum , bum - juices , bum , bum -wines bum , bum , ...och God somebody stoped it . I was so scary and embarrassed that I closed my eys . You can only imagine what happend next ....I never went there again , one time it was really enough for me .

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