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Education in England

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

A child goes to primary school at the age of five and stays there till he is eleven.At the age of 11 English children move to a secondary school.At the age of 11 a child takes a special exame.If he did very well in it he goes to a grammar school..If he fail he goes to a secondary modern school .If he pas but not very well he can go to a technical.Secondary comprehensive schools-for children who live in a districk,not very high level of education .

There are 3 terms in the school year in England.Autumn term begins in the first week of September and ends a few days before Christmas.Spring term begins in January and ends in the middle of April.Summer term begins at the end of April and ends in the middle of Jule.There is a half term holiday one week in October ,in February and in June.Sommer holiday are 6 or 7 weeks long.At th age of 17 pupils take a public exame.

They can take easier exame called CSE(Certificate of Secondary Education) or a more difficult exame called GSE(general ...).The first part of the GSE is called "O" level.(Ordinary)Pupils usually take between 5 and 9 subjects at "O" level.Some of the pupils stay at school for 2 more years to take second part of the GSE which is called "A" level.Pupils usually take two (A-advanced) or three subjects at "A" level."A" level results are very important .Getting in to University,depends upon them."A" level exames take pleaces in July.

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