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Ecology - HELP

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

Now we must ask a question:

How could we help our planet?

Answer is long, but simple:

We should walk or ride by bike instead of car. It will make smaller sum of fumes in air. We should sort all of garbage: bottles apart, paper apart, tins apart, and other rubbish apart. Than put them into special "green" banks. From there they go to be recycled. It will make smaller those tones of garbage on dumping grounds. Next thing we could, we should make is to stop using sprays which damages ozone layer and other chemicals which flow with water to rivers and environment. I think that we shouldn't eat animals and fishes, but most of people eat it and they wont never stop, because they like it. Killing animals we make them endangered. We should use ecological products that are not tested on animals and which are respected by environment and don't contribute to its downfall.

These are only some of ideas for saving our planet. If you want to do something with it, you should think about it and you can make other ideas, which you could present to world. Maybe some people would be interested in your idea and you will increase (przyczynić się) to save planet!

So try.

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