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Ecology - DANGER

Autor /Pius Dodano /10.11.2011

There is a lot of pollution in big cities. People don' t sort garbage, so dumping grounds (wysypiska) still grow. One of the biggest ecological problem is the hole in ozone layer. It becomes bigger and bigger, because people use sprays which damage it. Other things that make this hole are pollution in the air, that comes from car fumes and big factories, pollution in water, where people put rubbish and where sewage flows (ocieki spływajš) and pollution in our environment, where all dust from air and sewage from rivers come. Plants become ill and they die. Nowadays there are a lot of endangered species, which would become extinct (wygasać) soon.

Other big problem are tons of garbage which people throw out every day. They take too much place on earth.

I think that ecological problem is some kind of vicious circle (błędne koło):

People make big factories, where they make cars. Cars make fumes, that means pollution in air, water and all of environment. Polluted plants dies out, so people have to make new big factories, which would produce artificial food (instead of vegetables and fruits) and artificial plants (instead of real). Of course artificial things are not as good as real. They don't change CO2 to O2. They don't have natural vitamins. People eating artificial food are not healthy, so they must build new factories to produce medicine. Of course all of those factories make pollution. And vicious circle is closing.

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