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Eating habits in Italy and in Poland

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Eating is inseparable element of life. But in many countries it's something more than just appeasing energetic demands. It's part of culture, developed by many hundred years old tradition. That's why we have so many different eating habits and kitchen in different countries. Influenced by climate conditions and affected by richness of natural resources, they achieve nowadays appearance.

We are living in Poland, and our kitchen has something in common with other countries in Central Europe. We use to have 3 meals a day, we eat a lot of meat, fat, potatoes (like Germans) etc. But in comparison with Mediterranean regions, our eating habits and kitchen are totally different. I have been to Italy several times, so I can honestly say, that I have tasted the Italian way of living. I also now, what they use to eat from my own experience. Italy is, from a point of view of climate condition and nature, a typical Mediterranean country.

Mediterranean climate influences all Italians' style of living and eating. Because the heat in summer is usually beyond human's endurance, theirs life is concentrating at the seaside, precisely on the beach. What's more, Italians are most active in the night, when temperature falls to a bearable level.

In the morning Italians use to eat nothing or a light meal that consists of biscuit, milk, juice etc. In the afternoon they eat pasta, beef with some vegetables and drink some white vine.

On our attention deserves difference between meal timetables in Poland and Italy. Italins use to eat during the night - only tolerable part of the day. In al fresco restaurants, situated usually close to the sea, eating is a way of spending time with friends and family.

Kitchen in Italy is an element of culture. The most famous Italian dishes are pizza - a masterpiece from oven, and pasta - the symbol of Italy. In Poland nowadays eating became just a routine. Italians are still cultivating their tradition in day by day meals.

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