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"Duck & Alien"

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Sonya put a letter on the table and left the room . She took a glass of cold, refreshing mineral water and sat down on the bed . " It is the worst thing which could happend to me " she thought. After a few minutes she came back to the living room and read the letter again . She hoped that maybe it was only a stupid joke . But the letter was real . By that time she knew that her favourite mug designed in yellow ducks has been kidnapped .

" Who could did such a cruel thing to me ?" she almost cried .

The only thing which she could do was waiting for the phone from the kidnapers . After an hour the telephone rang.

" Do not try to contact the police or your dog , or we will break down your mug " - the voice in the reciever said.

" Nooooooo" shouted Sonya . " I will do everything whatever you want "

" Good girl . We only wanted you to bring us 2 packets of chrips and 3 kg of rotten bananas . And do not try any tricks . We are watching you "

Sonya panicked. She thought where she could had bought rotten bananas . In every shop she could get only fresh ones. She took her bag and run out of her house . She had a lot of luck , because in the shop on the corner were rotten bananas . She bought them and aksed for a 2 packets of crips .

After a few minutes she had all what the kindnapers wanted her to bring to the station.

When she finally got to the station her heart was beating very fast . She looked around and saw a man , who was wearing blue trousers , a pink blouse and yellow trainers . He had a pair of green tentacles . In his right hand he had a mug . Her mug .

" Give me the bag with the ransom " said the man . She passed him what he wanted and at last got back her lovely mug .

"Goodbye " said the man and flew away .

Sonya was shocked. She had never seen anything like this before . Thinking about the events of that day she came back home .She was happy , because she finally could drink her coffee from her favourite mug .

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