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Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Discrimination- practicce of treating one particular group in society, such as wemen or black people, in an unfair way. It's horrible, disgusting, phenomenon isn't it? We have got racial discrimination, sex discrimination, age and religin discrimination. But I think that everyone can be discriminated because of his weight, height, colour of hair. Everyone who is strange, who is different can be treat in this awful way. But sometimes we don't see that somebody is fantastic, clever and intelligent although he or she is black.

I find discrimination repulsive. People are cruel and they think that they are the best. They can't accept other humans because they are from different country, because they believe in different God. Always there is one word which says everything: different. We can't understand , we don't want to understand that different means O.K, good, beautiful too.

I think that we discriminate other people because we are scared of strangers. We don't want to know different people so we sit under big shade and we are only beetwen known human beings. So when we see that danger approaches we start to attac. We are unfair, impolite, cruel. Then everyone is for us worse. We don't want to talk with him or her. We inflict that person but after all I'm sure that we fell horrible and unhappy. Only people without heart fell good.

The person who is discriminated has got less little laws. She or he can't work in better position. The discriminated have got different restaurants, libraries and they can't behave natural. They are scared of people who treat them in this way. They are also sad and they smile rarely. Only with their families they fell good and they loosen up. They haven't got normal life.

I think that we shouldn't treat people so bad.And I think that everyone will understand what discrimination is when she or he will suffer from discrimination. Then everyone will see how cruel and unfair it is.

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