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Czas wolny: free time

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Everybody has his own ways of spending free time. Actually I don't have it a lot these days, because I have to prepare to my matriculation, but as always there is some time to rest usually during the weekend. I canon say that I'm doing something very original or intresting. I usually stay at home and watch TV for example "Bundy's world" or something as stupid as that soap opera (I never thought that television can teach me something so I choose the most idiotic programms that the telly shows) .

If I don't have to work on the next day I go to my friends and stay here all the aftermoon. On Fridays or Saturdays I go to the pub to meet friends which I can't see in the school, but I do it rarely (fees in such places can't cause heart-break even to a millionare).I like it because this time is ocassion to meet new people or hear what has happend to each one from my group of friends.

Next thing I do If I have some time to spend is playing computer games. I really like it so if I had a few days free of any school or housework I would do it without breaks for 10 or 12 hours. For many of poeple this can seem to be ridiculous or even weird, but they don't understand that it's very interesting thing so you can sit in the front of computer for a long time without feeling fatigue. Finally if I don't have any ideas what to do, or I'm very tired I just go to sleep.

It is my favourite way of spending free time: nobody interrupts you and you can lay on soft bed as long as you want. I know that when holidays come I will have a lot of free time to spend: I will probably spend a few days near some lake in Mazury or even further: I'll travel to Deutshland with my father, but it's another story...

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