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Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Crocow is sets in the south of Ploand. It is one of the most beautiful places in Poland . In 1978

UNESCO ranked this city to the list of twelve most precious objects in the whole world.

Crocow has many interesting and impressive sights to see. Wawel is the most known monumental object in city. This castel is famouse for royal rooms , chapel and bell and ornamented royal tombs.

Today defensive walls are used to show and exhibit paintings and scultures.

Dragon lair is the place often visited by families with children. In front of the lair there is the sculpures of dragon which blows fire. It is highlight for children.

In the town centre there are Sukiennice. At ground floor there are many shops where you can buy sourenirs. You can also eat something there. There are many restaurants and cafes.

For evenings entertainment you can chose theatres or cinemas. There is a big choice . You can go to Old theater or to Słowacki theater .

Cracow is a favourite place of artists and people who love beauty. City-dwellers and the whole country are pround from Crocow.

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