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Computers in our lives

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Computers - what do they mean for us ? Are they only devices or something else?

Can we live without them ? Maybe yes , but I think that not .

At present computers are commonly used in our life. Most firms cannot exist without them .They make work easier for people 'cos they have gigantic memories and work at enormous speeds. It is not difficult to work with a computer and everybody can do it . If you want to have a good job now you should be albe to work with a word processor and computer programs . That's the main reason why everybody should posses computer.

In our times we are surronded by the computers . They are everywhere ,it's all around us . We can see them when we go to work ,or pay our taxes.The world of computers has been pulled over our eyes. In every bank computers are respossible for our money.

It can be danger in case when current will came off . Data base can be destoy and all information will be lost .

Besides ,there are a lot of viruses which can influence a computer and destoroy data bank in the machine, sometimes even damage the computer itself.

Everyone remembers the problem of the Y2K . Humans could have some problems caused by he computers .Fortunately nothing very seriouse happend .But some people were really scared of that .

Maybe now we can look at the computers in the future

Not so far future . Future dominated by the computers . People will be addicted to them .We will be like a slaves .. slaves of artificial intelligence. Maybe AI will be a singular consciousness that spawned an entire race of machines . Can it came true ..Maybe ..Everything is possible . But like now it's only a good theme for the directors of the science - fiction's movies .

Unfortunately computers have one seriouse disadvantage . They cannot replace people in many situations . They don't know what emotioins are. In life we must sometimes choose with the help of our emotions not only computer calculations.

I told you about future .but what about past ? When Jonh von Neumann constructed first computer he didn't even dream that , taht machine will one day dominated world .

When Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak constructed first personal computer - Apple 1 the idea that everyone can posses computer became true .

Now we are using computers to many jobs . It's everywhere . it's good for us but only if we use them in a reasonable way .

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