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Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Many people say that many modern commercials are full of sex or at least some allusions to it. When I am watching TV, reading newspaper or magazines, I have to agree with them. People making those commercial know very well that even a glimpse of "explicit" image draws more interest than picture of school kids or family fun. Young men find more interesting to stare at half-naked ladies than at some decent description of the product the ad represents.

For example they see commercial of "Obsession", cologne for men where young, sexy lady sighs about a man - so in the head of recipient (usually male between 20 and 40) commercial forms an image of him "being sight at." Lets go the other way even women are attacked by young man in wet pants, that leaving nothing to imagination. In commercial of Dockers Khakis, we see young man in formerly mentioned wet pants and bunch of women that stare at him. As a result women think that boys wearing those pants are sexy or boys think that when they buy those pants they will be sexy.

Even cars are not free of "opposite sex attracting" allusions. At the car shows a 6 feet tall girl in very, very short skirt accompanies every new car. Poor cars- Well consumer can't even buy gum without thinking that by freshing his breath this product will help him get the girl, for example commercial of Dentyne Ice: young people kissing after chewing gum. Help, I fell sexually assaulted. Even browsing the Internet, every two steps I see commercials or drawings of young men and women. Well my biology teacher in high school said to me that world is all about procreating and extending species. Well now I think it is all about procreating and consumption. Media-created world can be very frigthening.

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