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Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

In my mind there are two kinds of way of our clothing. First of them presents a style chosen when we wish to show our personalities, as far as our interests. Humans beings sometimes wear crazy stuff just to attract the other people to pay attention on them, however they are already special inside. Second way is dictated by how much respect to the other side of exchange we want to show. In business contacts wearing a suit while making contacts tells the client how high we see him and that for him we wear such special clothes.

As far as requiring uniforms in schools is concerned, I have to admit I don't agree with it at all. For those of principals who see the extent of our knowledge in the length of our skirt or in the colour of our hair, it might make sense somehow. However, I'm sure they care much more what we have in our heads instead of what we have on our heads! But on the other hand, basically their goal was to make all the students be on the same level and be concerned only on studying during their hours at school.

Well, all of us would definitely say that coming to the church in bikini sound ridiculous at once. For centuries pilgrims were coming to the temples to pray to God. Myself I would stop short of making this mistake. There are some rules which don't allow anyone to ridicule of church even if we don't believe in the things they propagate. All in all, if anyone had any other opinion, I respect it as well because every one has its own rules which he has been taught from a little child as the greatest ones.

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