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Childhood Flashback

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

As a child I did a lot of crazy things. I loved to play with my friends. We usually played soccer or basketball. In the summer days we went swimming and during the winter we went outside to play in the snow. I made a snowman and I went skiing with my friends or my family. I also loved to ride on my bike, because I could go anywhere whenever I wanted.

One day in June, just before the end of a school year I went to my friends\' house. We were bored, because we had no afternoon classes and most of the kids were still in school. It was a pretty warm day, so we went outside to kick the ball around because there was nothing better to do. My friend had a big house, but there wasn\'t enough space to kick the ball as hard as you wanted, so we got on our bikes and we went to our regular meeting place near the auto body repair shops.

It was a nice place to play soccer, because it had a large parking lot in front and you could kick as hard as you wanted without hitting anything. Besides, I loved to watch the cars and how they are being repaired, so when we were tired enough we just sat down on the sidewalk and we looked at them. On that day the garage door were opened. They had a huge glass window that was dark. I guess it was for some kind of theft protection, at least that\'s what I thought at that time. After a while, we got up and we started to kick the ball and pass it to each other without any particular reason. We talked about our grades and what we are going to do over the summer.

Then we got a stupid idea to create a contest for a person that will kick the ball straight up as high as you can. It seemed cool to me, because I was a lot bigger than my friend, so I knew that I was going to kick it higher. He kicked the ball first and it went up flying for three seconds. Then I kicked it and it was obvious that I was going to win. The ball stayed p in the air for five seconds. Then we sat down and we didn\'t know what to do.

Before we went home we decided to kick the ball and practice passing and receiving. I took a nice pass to him and he passed it back. The only problem was that he aimed for the garage. The ball was flying straight to the car that was being repaired. I ran as fast as I could to get to the ball, and I kicked it up, sliding on my back, just as it was about to hit the car. Another mistake. In all that rush, I didn\'t even notice that the garage door were opened and the ball slammed into the glass window. I didn\'t even manage to get myself up. All I saw was glass flying everywhere and my friend riding away on the bike. Then I realized what kind of a fool I was to even touch the ball that he kicked. Instead of him getting in trouble, I did.

My parents had to pay for the broken window, and I got a few cuts on my hands from the glass. I was mad at him for a while. Then we went to play again. I guess that as a child you can't break up a friendship because of something like that. After all, it was me who kicked the ball. After that incident, we played soccer after school on the field. In some ways it was better, because we had a real field, but it was a lot farther away from home.

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