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Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /13.11.2011

John Brown was born in 1960 in small town called Dumbarton next to Glasgow. His family was well to do: his father was a mechanic and mother was a teacher in primary school. John had two younger brothers: Jim and Henry and one sister, who he loved most. His family was very catholic and traditional. When he was 20 he went to the university in Glasgow. Then he first met his future love - Betty White. He finished his education and he became famous lawyer soon. He got married and lived with his wife in London. After three years of his marriage John and Betty moved to Glasgow where they became parents - their only child, daughter Dorothy, was born.

John was a very kind and polite man for his family and friends. he loved his wife and daughter very much and he always tried to assure peace and safety for them. He could be funny and witty, he liked playing with children. He liked spending whole his spare time with their family. He was always honest, reliable and responsible - his chief liked him very much. He was also optimistic and ambitious - it helped him in his career. Some people say that he was old-fashioned or that sometimes he liked mess - but there are probably his only disadvantages.

Brown was tall and slim, had black hair and brown eyes, a big long nose and small glasses on it. He never had beard but he had black moustache. John liked wearing smart clothes - most of his friends remember him in black or grey suit, dark shoes, stripped tie and in a elegant coat.

John was keen on horses. From time to time he went to the small village near London, where he had his private stables. He also had another hobby - he collected old coins. In his spare time, expect riding horse, he liked riding a bicycle (otherwise with wife and the child) and playing tennis. He often went for walks with Dorothy. John also can play the guitar. He liked old, good rock the best. Theatre was very important for him - he liked going there instead of going to the cinema.

He always dreamt of going on a big trip around the world - he had money but he didn’t have enough time for it. He also wanted to help the poor and cripples - he gave huge sums of money to them. From his initiative people in Glasgow built a shelter for the homeless.

In my opinion John was very gentle and he was a worthy man. Although he died, many people remember him as a good father, son, husband and friend. I think that he fully deserved acknowledgement and admiration and if some of us were like him, the world would be much better.

fully deserved - całkowicie zasługiwał

admiration - podziw

shelter - schronisko

cripple - kaleka

assure - zapewnić

mess - bałagan

to be keen on - fascynować się

worthy - wartościowy

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