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Career or a family life

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /14.11.2011

Everybody knows that family is one of the most important things in the world. Our family help us to solve many problems, it gives us love and safety. But sometimes we have to choose between a family life and career, which gives us money, satisfaction and an important position in the society. We don’t know what to do: make career or sacrifice for our family.

When people are very young and have good qualifications, ambitions, they often want to be successful in their jobs, they want to earn much money and get promoted more frequently. A lot of them don’t have enough time to meet someone special and to meet his/her family. They often don’t remember about mothers and fathers, who wait for a letter or phone call from them. It may be the cause of quarrels in family and losing their private life.

Another problem is when a man in middle age has to decide if he wants to be promoted and suffer from lack of time connected with meeting family more rarely but also with earning much money, or if he wants to resign from the career and devote themselves to their families. And there are some different situations: if he has wife and children I think that he won’t choose career, because it may be cause of many problems and destroy his family. But if he is single he has a chance to change his life: many people think that money gives us happiness and career gives us self-complacency and helps us to relieve stress. For many people work is real challenge. Women also have to choose between career and family life: in our society there is the stereotype of women who bring up children and work at home, so often women, who have children, stay at home and resign from work for some years.

We have to answer the question: what is the role of a family in our life? Most of us claim that family is very important in our life. It gives us a sense of safety, helps in difficult situations in our life, makes us not feel lonely. We can always rely on our family. Happy family and working for its support is the main aim-cell in everyone’s life.

Summing up, I wouldn’t like to be made to choose between career and family but if I had to choose I would try to combine these things if possible. I think we should remember that not only money gives happiness. Family gives me love and friendship - it’s most important in my life and I wouldn’t like to lose it.

to be made to choose - być zmuszonym do wybierania

self-complacency - zadowolenie z samego siebie

effect - powodować

rely - polegać

aim-cel - nadrzędny cel

position - pozycja

the role of sth - funkcja, rola czegoś

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