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Car Benefit

Autor /Olivier Dodano /10.11.2011

Ever since created the car itself has become a symbol of advance and an excelent invention of mankind. Cars allow us to move faster, to transport items - becouse of its capacity and to travel anywhere and anytime we seem fit. The faster it is the more time is being safed. However quite recently we began to realise the disadvantages that out come of its use.

Each car's fumes pollute the air and the more powerfull an engine is the bigger threat it becomes to the environment. I suppoes the greenhose effect does not need mentioning. In order to reduce the their destructive influence its technical condition shall be checked more often and thoroughly not by navvies but by experts so that its faults could be pinpointed. If a car seems to be used up, it shall be withdrawn at once. T think that the government in conjunction with car producers is capable of enforcing the installation of catalytic converters in all new produced vehicules.

Another poroblem are the non-recycling materials of which it is made of. These part will be stored on wastedumbs for an awful lot of time till it decomposes. The question arrises what to do with still increasing amount of trash.

To cap it all I must assert a life loss incurred. Every year 250,000 people are killed in car accidents and even more gets hurt and injured. If traffic regulations were tighten we wouldn't have to deal with the majority of accidents caused nowaday. That's why traffic regulations shall be taken into consideration as far as our safety is concerned.

The government shall take care of these problems forthwith before it's too late. If nothing is done to improve the situation the unpredictable consequences may become lethal.

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