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Burglars, thefts... Your opinion - letter

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

In my opinion it's not easy to say where all those situations are from. The main problem is unemployment. If someone doesn't work he doesn't have money. But he still needs it so he starts to steal and finishes with murder for money.

Also a big problem is lack of police, because we don't have enough money for it. We don't feel safe even in our block. Police has got to be careful because even the law is sometimes against them. Even if the policeman catches the burglar ,he'll be out sooner than we forget about the whole situation. We have too weak punishments.

I think that drugs are also just as a big problem as the above one or even bigger. When someone is a junkie he needs to have another doze of heroine or something like that. It always drives to crime: sometimes a smaller one like stealing in the supermarket and then selling the goods for money for drugs. But sometimes it may end with a tragedy like murder for a mobile phone or a walkman...

Probably every of above problems starts at home...If your parents are criminals you most probably will also become one.

In my opinion we should say No to even little crimes! We should give more money to police .Maybe then it'll be safe to go out at night for a walk with our dog...

I'm waiting for your letter.

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