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Body clock

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

Everyone has got internal body clock that influences their behaviour at different times of the day. Our body clock makes sure that we are sleepy at night but not during the day, and hungry at mealtimes but not during the night. But I have got different opinion because my body clock works differently. For example when I am at the party, and these party goes on to the morning than I am always hungry although it is night. Or different example: I am always sleepy during the day .Only at 3.00 pm I am active and I can do everything. That's why I don't believe in my internal body clock. But in theory of body clocks is something.

According to this theory I am "owl". It means that I'd prefer to sit up late but I have got problems with getting up. And it is true!!! I always sit up late, to 2 o'clock and I do my homework. Later I have a shower and I go to bad at 3 o'clock am. I know that it's very late, but I can't go to bad earlier. Some day I tried to sleep at 9 PM. And I couldn't! At first I read book, later I watched a film in a television and only at 12 o'clock I went off to sleep. Unfortunately I have got many problems with getting up.Every morning my mother has to wake me up . My alarm clock is useful. Even it rings I sleep so on. My mother gets angry and I am late to school. But I can do nothing witch it.

On the world there are " larks" too. "Lark" is a person who gets up early an go to bad early too. Larks don't sit up late because they get up very early and in the morning they finish what they started in the evening. And this is good, at least for me. I'd prefer to be a lark. I think that larks are more reliable and they aren't late to work or to school.

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