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Best Friend's Features

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

Sometimes we don't even have one friend . Some other time we got several friends . But one thing really matters - the trust . Currently many people don't know what it is . As far as I am concerned the most important feauture is to rely on your friends. If you focus on peoples' behaviour you'll notice , they are always looking for your disadvantages, and after this they are informed how they can abuse your friendship.

I have known people who were exactly like in the mentioned example. I most cases I am able to recognize this kind of people at first sight. Real friend should convince me that I can trust him/her , and also ought to be loyal irrespective of bad or good times . It is indispensable to be a "genuine" friend . My friend has these characteristics . She's eighteen , she is one hundred centimeters tall . Her hair is brown . I consider her my friend , because since I met her I always could count on her . I am the opinion that she has incredible imagination , she also likes to grumble , but it's not her bad point , it belongs to her advantages.

She has never let me down. In everything what she does, she is completely persistent. She is sociable and ambitious, also strong-willed and just. Despite the fact we have known each other only three years I've come to the conclusion, that she has taught me a lot and I have taught her as well. I may say she is a matrix of real friend!

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