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Being a child is a wonderful thing

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

Being a child is a wonderful thing. You don't have any duties and don't need to work all day. Ten years ago, when I was very young I even had problems with organising my free time! Playing soccer, riding a bike, watching TV or going to the cinema was taking too little time. Learning? Oh no! In one hour all the lessons were done! Time seemed to be very slowly.

Few years later, when I was in about third class things begun to run faster. Teachers started giving us bigger homework. My friends and I started planning our time: after school homework, after dinner soccer or biking. It was a period of time, when computers started entering in our lives. It happened that we sat in front of them about two or three hours. Days seemed to be shorter.

In about seventh or eightieth class lessons started to be important, so free time became even shorter. I was spending it on riding motorbike and sport.

After I passed to the highschool, arranging my free time changed diametrically. New school, new friends and new habits. I begun going to the discos, pubs and riding to the town centre.

Now, when the final, mature exam is getting closer I have almost no free time. After coming home I go to sleep for few hours, than after breakfast I learn. Five days a week I don't leave home. Only Friday and Saturday evening I go to the town centre and enjoy those few hours of freedom.

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