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Are you afraid about world's future?

Autor /Kalasanty Dodano /14.11.2011

1. pessimistic or optimistic-> reasons, 150 words

I am pessimistic concerning the worlds future, because there wasn't done enough in the past. Nobody made sorrows about the environment. So the CFC's which were produced 40 years ago, are now

destroying the ozon layer. So the ozon layer will be destroyed for the next 40 years by CFC's. The

ozon hole will become bigger and bigger. Many plants and animals will die out, because without an ozon layer there is no protection against cosmic radition, wich can be very dangerous for human beings, too. Another point is that the rain forest is cut down. The rain forest produces much oxygen, which is important for the mankind. Without oxygen we would die. The greenhouse effect, which leads to a global warming, causes to melting the caps. The greenhouse effect develops from exhaust fumes. The exhaust fumes aren't good for the health of human beings. Some illnesses will increase.

The exhaust fumes destroys our forests, too. When exhaust fumes, which are produced by factories,

cars, houses and so on, are mixed with rain, acid rain will be developed. Acid rain is very sour and ruins our buildings, too. When I am looking at that reasons I can be pessimistic concerning the worlds future as I think.

Do you/ state/ society do enough for better environment?-> 50 words

I think I don't do enough for the environment. If I would do enough for the environment, I would close the ozon hole, save animals, search for new environmental cleaners and so on. But I can say that I make my contribution. So we are collecting paper, cans, bottles and Tetra Paks. After a certain time I will bring them to the recycling container. I think that I am conservation- consciously. The state don't do enough, too, because protection of the environment is very expensive. They should have done more in the past. But I mean the state can do more for the environment. So they have the methods to search for some solutions. The society can do more, too.

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