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Are computer a blessing or a curse

Autor /Maksymilian Dodano /15.11.2011

One of the inventions in the 20th century is computer. I think that the computer is blessing. I have a computer. I think that it is useful. Most institutions have computers. Thanks to them everything is happening faster and most exactly. These days people must know how to use computer, without this they don’t get a job. Besides computer are blessing because we have access to a lot information by for example Internet. Everything what we look for is in one machine.

Computers do many things for us that is the reason why we use them. For example thanks to Internet we can do shopping without leaving home. Internet enables us to access to a lot of news from the world. But computers don’t use only at work. We could relax with them, listen to music or play the games, which never bored us. These are the causes that computer is a blessing and if we start working with them we couldn’t live without them.

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