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Autor /Zachariasz Dodano /15.11.2011


There are three main addictions – drug taking, alcoholism and smoking cigarettes.


All of them cause illness, threaten our health and even bring about early death. Some of them ruin careers, happy family life and lead up to conflicts with the other members of family and sometimes also to their addictions.


Young people think that they look more mature when they are holding a cigarette. Teenage girls replace food with a cigarette because they think that it helps them in slimming. Some of people start smoking cigarettes because of a stress, a failure, a dissatisfaction or a boredom. A smoker also says that a cigarette calm down him.

Teenager are particularly exposed to the threat of drug-taking. They look for some supernatural experience or hope to find a sense of life. When they are in pleasant and happy condition it isn’t noticed for them how quickly they fall into addiction.


The most difficult is to overcome those habits. The best way is never to start, but if the habit already exists we must be very strong willed to stop. There are special clinics for alcoholics where well-trained staff help them get rid of drinking. But even when the person recovers, there is never 100% certainty that he will not drink again. There certainly should be more educational films, books and leaflets distributed among people to show the real threat brought on by smoking, drinking alcohol and taking drugs. If the results of addictions were described in schools and clinics by teachers, doctors, sociologists and psychologists the young would be more aware of the danger and be much more careful.

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