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ABORTION - legal or a crime? - schemat wypowiedzi

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011


- legal or a crime?

1. At first I have to remind you about an essence of freedom:

We have some rights, such as:

- to choose how we think and what to say

- how we vote

- work

- with whom we get friends or marry

- and also to make decisions about our own bodies

2. Talking about having our right to choose...

I think that it means having access to safe and legal abortion.

Unlike the other rights - this is not one we can take for granted!

3. In what situations women decide to remove the pregnancy?

- when the medical examination is showing a high probability of seriously and irreversible debility of foetus or it's incurable illness

- when the pregnancy is a menace of pregnant woman's life or health

- when the pregnancy is caused of rape

- when the pregnancy is danger for pregnant woman's psychical health

4. There are some people against this procedure - anti-abortion activists - who are convincing that this procedure is danger; here are some of their arguments -

Abortion causes:

- breast cancer

- endangers future childbearing

- difficult conceiving or carrying a child

- delivering a stillborn babies

- become sterile

5. Facts about abortion:

- legalization causes eliminating of deaths from the procedure and legal abortion is not harmful to women's fertility and reproductive health

Those facts are confirmed by the researches made between years 1973 - 1900 in States, when abortion was legal.

- scientific research does not demonstrate that abortion causes breast cancer

6. My conclusion is:


There should not be said that some women can do this and some not. The decision of removing a pregnancy is very hard for a woman, so I'm sure she won't do it without a serious and important reason.

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