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Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

I think abortion is not good , but also is not bad . We have many issue about abortion ,some of them I want to present .For many people, the crucial issue in the abortion debates is whether the embryo or fetus or unborn child is a person. If it is, they conclude that abortion is usually on a par with murder. If not, they conclude that it is a far less serious matter, perhaps only a matter of prudence.This approach focuses on the nature and moral status of the embryo or fetus. It is not the only approach to the problems of abortion. Some writers focus on the rights and welfare of women. Others focus on world population problems or the problem of poverty. Still others on constitutional issues.

All of these approaches are plausible.However, most philosophical discussion arrives at questions about personhood. We will begin with them, bearing in mind that there are other questions to consider.To follow the thread, we must consider whether the embryo or the fetus is a person and why being a person is so important morally. One approach is to think about what it is that makes anything a person and what it is about persons that gives them great value and rights of any kind .Main world religions condemn abortion . In Judaism and Christianity there is a command "Do not kill ". Abortion violates doctors. Hipocrates oath and the Geneva Convention which says: "I will show the highest respect for human life from the moment of conception".

It does not cure any disease. If a child, condemned to abortion, was wanted, a doctor would keep the pregnancy using all known methods. Current epidemics of abortion (over 1,5 million children aborted annually in the USA by surgical methods only) caused the decrease of adoption centers.

Except for a child's death, abortion threatens the health and life of a mother. If some people may legally kill for their comfort, all society is sick. The universality of abortion will lead to lack of young people whose role is to work in order to ensure the payment for those who have retired. It will create a pressure towards the use of euthanasia.

Our "respect for life" cannot be artificially restricted to the issue of abortion only, but must rather pervade our moral stances in related domains . We further seem to agree that abortion is not a positive good, not a choice we want anyone to have to make, so that we may commonly work to eliminate the conditions which encourage women to consider abortion in the first place.

Abortion-tolerant folk see abortion raising metaphysical, not empirically-decidable issues, thus forcing us into divers religious and moral frameworks. Our abortion-resistant representative believes rather that these issues are empirically decidable - and that there is consensus over when human life begins, how and to what extent it is to be protected.

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