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A cat in the rain - Ernest Hemingway

Autor /Dacjan Dodano /10.11.2011

With respect to "Cat in the rain" discuss Hemingway's philosophy of life and style of writing.

Ernest Hemingway, who is now believed to be one of the best writers ever, was born in 1899 in America. As the research shows, his life was always filled with adventures connected with his job - he worked as a reporter. He also survived both world wars and worked as a corespondent then. The writer who was a legend during his own lifetime, stands as a monument to the power of literature and could easily be considered as the most influential American writer of this century. He was an icon, partly myth and partly mythmaker, a genius and hero to many, whereas to others he was a writer obsessed with masculinity, violence and death.

When we commemorate him, what we will remember, the legends or the man? For many, the two are one in the same. We might read his work and ask who he was? Often the plots of his stories and novels fill in the sketchy details about his life. We might know he came from the Midwest, that he somehow took part in both world wars, and spent a great deal of time in Europe. Also that he loved to write, box, hunt, fish, drink, and travel until he committed suicide.

So many young people admire Hemingway, and identify with him. Maybe it is because his appeal is so great. Many readers envy him as he represents so much of what a young person wants to have: independence, experience, confidence, strength, courage and talent. And also because his style of writing differs from the one used by most writers. For example his novels use very simple words encouraging young readers to take a look at the story. Secondly, most people find his almost photographic descriptions of places very absorbing. Another important aspect are weather descriptions, which usually constitute substantial part in his writing and introduce the readers into the atmosphere of a story.

The symbolic of Hemingway's characters', though they are mostly men, is another example of his fascinating techniques . "A cat in the rain" is thought to be an exception from that rule, because here the main role plays a woman. On the other hand this short story of a girl, who feels dreary in the relation between her and her husband, is an ideal recapitulation of Hemingway's philosophy. He believed that people are isolated, lonely and not able to establish happy relationships. Unfortunately, though he was one of the greatest men ever, his depressive thoughts led him to a suicide in 1969.

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